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, previously he had a number of distinguished responsibilities in both the reagan, george h.w. bush and george w. bush administrations. first the special assistance to the president and deputy to the chief of staff and in the white house for intergovernmental affairs. as many diplomatic posts have included ambassador to the united nations in geneva, assistant secretary of state for international organization affairs and most recently as president george w. bush's national envoy to sudan. he is also a longtime member and i think now vice chairman of the tours at the international republican institute. so, we are very glad to welcome both rich and michelle to this podium. proteins prides itself as a nonpartisan think tank and in that context we are hosting this event today. our moderator is a guest scholar of brookings and chief quarters make respondent for cbs and nbc news, former anchor of the nbc "meet the press" program and also most recent lame as the hunting legacy, marvin powell. it's my pleasure to hand podium to you. >> thank you very much. i assume all of you are foreign policies and i
. ronald reagan has to don't engage her initiative. george h.w. bush said, clinton did. george w. bush and barack obama all day. and so, while i think there are some of my own personal views about how i thought president bush handled the situation, there's how he thinks american readers might disagree with, but their sinks in that readers would be surprised about in terms of a president bush sought in terms of diplomacy with north korea, which is not normally something they would associate with president bush's views on north korea. so that was a natural thing where i could add some pain on this that perhaps other authors have written on the topic would not be able to. >> host: you don't necessarily take an ideological giving your evaluation of the other administration's. do you do give of critical review of success and failures of other administrations in dealing with the issue. one of the the basic thesis of the book is north korea is the impossible state because no one inside has been power to overthrow it and no one on the outside cares enough to risk the cost of changing it. i wan
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. during the administration of george w. bush, the department of education published a highly respected study on tuition price increases and what caused them. if i'm the primary driver of tuition price increases in public institutions were over three quarters have earned a graduate student students attend college is a change in state funding i states invest less money in higher education institutions respond by raising prices. the study found no relationship between the availability of federal and state grants and the ensuing tuition price increases in either public or private not-for-profit institutions. institutions raise prices have an obligation to ensure that they increase their own financially programs to hold dunes. for example, last year our state cut michigan state university's appropriation by 15% on our board raise tuition 6.9% to compensate in part for these cuts. but the board also increased our own institutional grants eight by 10% with 83% of these great dollars for students with financial needs. this is an example of what institutions need to do with their own financiall
ivela tohrhau n evhike.aon it's much more george h.w. bush than any other modern pesident. i n' li that s bm's. igetitigr g, ia dre isergtt ey n mi, ahead. >> first of all, the thank you, rachel for everything you do. i thk there weere [cs applause] >> that's very nice of you to sndi'otui wstvito t because nature and in a w minutes. >> i would like to say was drafted in 1968. al fdsamtryie teedthet. eay i was drafted. the question i hae is money is dostngutw ou camp pain. president obama i am told that $2 billionorisio thyoi hspire n'ok >> this year to repeal any differently about the idea at hover ny hdredof sponheta om knere?t tl the front page of "the boston globe" is how the likely nominee of the republican tde come in the pack that is qutnghims lo t onnsou oiznscore eleven when people are forced by the few elen rules we've got live od thut o oti coatelhe ny ra ak. aswo ith ns there's nobody trace it back to a country either. like if china had about preference betwe barack obama and mitt romney committee who wa th e ns t would be s sy. aur] if the fcc was in charge of an
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5